Our Vision

Our Vision:

Our aim at Christ Church Pellon is to be

A loving, nurturing fellowship which,
In the power of the Spirit,
Awakens all people to the love of Jesus
And spreads the Gospel through words and actions.

A Family Church
Christ Church is first and foremost a family church, in the fullest sense of that word. We are a church that welcomes all people, whatever their age, background or beliefs. Visitors are warmly welcomed, and our services are relaxed and accessible. All members are appreciated for who they are, but are also encouraged to play an appropriate role within the life of Christ Church. In short, it is a place where people feel they belong, and have something to contribute.

A Christ-centred Church
Underlying everything that happens at Christ Church is the recognition that everything we are and have comes from God, and our prime aim is to worship, serve and enjoy him. We do this through worship that is relevant, Spirit-filled, engaging and challenging; through prayer; through Bible-centred preaching and through meeting together in small groups. Our aim is to grow not only in knowledge of God, but more importantly love of God and service of him through the way we live our lives.

An outward-looking Church
God made our beautiful world, and continues to be actively involved in it. He is concerned with everyone, and that means you as well! We want to work alongside God as he cares for the poor and oppressed, as he heals the sick and brings renewal and refreshment into peopleââ'¬â"¢s lives. We do that by tithing our church income, and being involved in our local community in ways that practically demonstrate God's love for his creation. In particular, we have excellent uniformed organisations linked to church and many run by church members. In other words, we proclaim the good news of Jesus not only in words, but in deeds as well.